One Step Closer

I rushed over to Gretch and looked over her shoulder, only to see a plain window. She exhaled on the window, revealing something faint.

“Try it with me,” Gretchen said and inhaled deeply. I did the same and together we caused enough steam on the window to see: Eiffel Tower: 3/31/1889 – 6/15/2010 16:00:00

“Could this mean…”

“The Eiffel Tower is in danger?” I asked, though it was obvious. She nodded and didn’t say anything for a second. She was waiting for me. I caught the drift and took off my glove, carefully placing my finger on the window.

People a little more clear this time, passed the window. A few looking out to see the view of Paris, while others were fixing themselves and going on with the tour. Not all where clear, though. One shadowy person walked past the window, disappeared and came back. Nobody seemed to be around, and with gloves on he exhaled on the window and wrote exactly what we saw. Clever.

“He’s legit. Someone wrote this during the day.”

“So to the Eiffel Tower we go!”

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