Bumblebee Balloons

i am four.

i am small.

my room is BIG. and large, and vast. the ceiling is so tall. i feel little, like a bug in a big room. my bed is big too, i am sitting near the top and the bottom is far away. but in my room, it looks small.

my room is not usually like this. i know this is my room, but i do not know what is wrong with it. all i know is that i can’t see the ceiling, because it is covered with yellow and blue balloons! i don’t think it is my birthday. but i like the balloons.



! one of the balloons popped! it makes a very loud noise when it hits the ceiling. i don’t know what that buzzing is. it is near the other balloons.



! the buzzing was a BEE! all of the balloons are filled with bees! the bees are popping their balloons!


i hope they do not buzz down to me.

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