A Cute, Convincing Boy

This is going to be fun I think to myself as he pulls out. As he drives we talk and talk like old friends. I look him over. He is wearing a plan brown T-shirt and jeans. He has short, dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. His smile seemed gentle and his eyes were focused. He had lost a lot of his football weight since I had first saw him over a year ago. Still, you could see some remaining muscles. Wow, he’s cute I grin.

“My feet are geting tired, I think your going to have to drive,” He laughes.

“No. I am a terrible driver and I have never riden in one of these till now, much less driven one.”

“I trust you. Well, I am stopping this thing so we can either just sit there, or you can drive it. Come on, it’s fun.”

He stops the four wheeler and stares at me. Before I know it, I am walking over to the drivers side. How he ever convinced me to do it, I’ll never know.

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