You're Fine

I sit down and he shows me how to start it.

“There’s no power steering, so when you turn it you have to turn it back. The gas pedal is really touchy so tap it as lightly as possible,” he instructs.

“Ok,” I lightly tap the gas and it jerks foreward.

With a smile on my face I slowly get the hang of wheeling around huge bumps and puddles. He tells me where to turn and I decide to speed things up a bit. My blonde hair whips in the breez and my white rimmed sunglasses sheild my eyes from being dryed out.

“You missed the turn,” he tells me

“Opps haha, i was having too much fun to pay attention.”

“Its ok, there is clearing by this guys house. You can back into it and turn back.”

“Sounds easier said than done,” I laugh.

We reach the small clearing and I back into it. I laugh some more as I almost hit the guys mailbox and almost hit Nick with a tree apon turning back out.

“See you’re fine. You got it.”

So are you.

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