Would you?

Imagine your heart just stopped beating. Just like that. What would you regret not doing the most? Would you regret not telling your significant other just how much they mean to you? Would you regret not telling your best friends you’ll be there? Would you regret not making amends with those you have wronged? Would you regret not telling your family that you’ll always love them? Would you regret not taking 5 minutes to call an old friend? Would you regret not having gone sky-diving or told that person you like that you like them or volunteered at a soup kitchen? Would you regret not having learned to make pasta or having memorized the words to a difficult song? Would you regret not visiting a foreign country or learning a different language?

1 2 3 clear.

You suddenly shudder and come back to life from the dead. From the dark. What would be the first thing you do? Would you finally realize that this is your second and last chance to do everything you’ve always wanted to do or would you just let it go?

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