A Different Reaction

I don’t want to get mad. I really don’t. I have to respect that Austin has a reputation to keep, but if he’s so willing to open up to me like this, what’s wrong with doing it at school. I’ve always wanted a boyfriend, but would keeping him a secret be worth it?

“Please don’t be mad, Gabe. This isn’t easy,” Austin says after a long pause.

“I’m not mad, just… Are we even a couple yet?” I had to ask. Surprising enough, I’m not scared anymore. Knowing that Austin likes guys give me a little more comfortability.

“It all depends on you…” He says. Not the answer I wanted, but it’s just as good. Do I really want to have a secret boyfriend? No double dates, no kissing in the movies. Always being scared if people find out.

“Well, we’ll go out when you’re ready to be out,” I finally say.

“I’m not sure when that’ll be, Gabe. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready.”

“Well, when you figure it out, give me a call,” I can’t even believe what’s coming out my mouth. Gabe, the one drooling over Austin is turning this down?

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