People milled about the gardens in Toronto, viewing the green sculptures and colorful blooms. Katie spied Jeremy in a deck chair, the briefcase beside him. He had out a palm device and was busily tapping it. She wagered it wasn’t even on.

Greg entered from the North, his suit catching the warm breeze and flapping up to reveal a pistol in his waistband. Great. Katie moved to intercept, hand on the butt of her own Sigma.

“Jeremy!” she screamed as Greg pulled his piece and aimed for his heart. Jeremy rolled out of the chair in time for the bullet to splinter the wooden back. Greg turned and faced Katie, who had drawn her weapon.

“Traitor!” he scowled.

“Blood is thicker than water,” Katie quipped and put a round in his head. Jeremy rose from the ground, grabbed the case and ran. Katie took off after him, meeting him at the car.

“Well played, Sis.”
“You nearly got shot, Jeremy, and Greg’s partners are on our tail, now is not the time to count your blessings.”
“20 million of them when we get to New York.”

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