Wild Goose Chase

The police sealed the area, and we followed the bomb squad in, searching. We didn’t have to look hard. At the base of the tower was the Mona Lisa herself, wired to a box with a timer. We were late. The timer was beeping.

Nothing exploded, though like fools, we ran to hide. The bomb squad called all clear and we approached the great lady who seemed to smirk at us from her frame. If she could have had an aura, it would be yellow with mirth.

Jonah touched the bomb box. After a pause he said, “Attic window with a view of Big Ben.”

“You sure? The bomb was made in London?”


“And you could recognize the window?”

“Yeah, but Gretch, there’s no time gap, it was made recently.”

“That’s odd, but we’re hot on his trail, now. Let’s go to London.”

“Something is wrong, Gretchen. This feels like a wild goose chase.”

“Well, do you have something better?”

“The time is all wrong… he stole the painting yesterday…”

“There will be plenty of time to think on the flight!”

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