The Maroon Room

Maroon liquid lined the walls. The windows could not be seen through, they were coated too thick with the color. It dripped from the window sills and splashed into the puddles on the floor. It was splattered across the tall ceilings that towered over the dead bodies scattered over the floor of the ball room. They too, were covered in it. It seeped out their mouths and unblinking eyes. It oozed out each of their wounds. It stained their beautiful sequinned dresses and expensive tuxedos.

Christianna strutted across the room, the loud click of her black high heels ceasing for a moment as she carefully stepped over each corpse. She held an exquisitely detailed crystal wine glass, filled with red, in her left hand. A single drop fell from the corner of her lips as she sipped at it.

She then came to the body of a beautiful young lady in a purple lace dress, laying on the floor. Her long, once golden, hair was drenched in maroon. Christianna smiled, exoposing her long white fangs.

“I never liked you, bitch.”

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