Opening Soon: Inspired by "They’re made out of meat"

There’s more.
Remember the “unoccupied” sector? There’s more.
They’re breeding.
That’s not what I mean. We decided to take a closer look. There’s more varieties. Thousands, perhaps more.
Of meat?
Yes. They can survive in various environments.
Such as?.
Dihydrogen Monoxide.
Impossible. Too cold.
Not in its liquid state. Rare, but entirely possible. It exists in that environment.
Swimming meat?
Yes. Some can fly.
Out here?
Nothing like that. They’re confined to the lower levels of the atmosphere; but they do fly.
Much like our “original meat”. They flap, only they don’t do it to communicate, they do it to fly.
They flap to fly? Fascinating. What else?
Some are born in a shell.
Of what?
The metal?
We may have discovered other “shell creatures”…we’ll have to confirm.
This changes everything.
Imagine the others, intrigued enough to see these “meats”.
You mean, an attraction?
More like a “zoo”
But it’s been classified “unoccupied”.
We re-classify it.
To what?
“opening soon”

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