Journal Entry 6-Apr-2010

I’m not entirely sure what to think about last night.

So, last night while I’m trying to get to sleep, this really tall elf thing steps out of my closet. My closet is full of stuff, and this guy was something like 7 feet tall, but he just steps out from it like it’s nothing. He’s got silver hair, ridiculously long and pointy ears, very light purple skin, and the creepiest jet black eyes you can imagine.

Anywhoo, he says something elegant about magic and adventure, and I just look at him with that skeptical look that I like practicing in front of my mirror when I’m bored and vain.

Then he has the balls to pull that “won’t you wish you’d taken the chance” bullshit line, and all negotiations shut down from there. I get high and mighty, tell him I’m a goddamn engineer, and that I want to know EXACTLY what I’m getting into before I go jumping off what you SAY isn’t a cliff.

That seems to upset him, so he leaves back into my closet. Thing is, now that it’s morning, I can’t help but think how boring my life is.

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