Looking down from above, Tom’s figure was contrasted by the bright yellow square of the top of the platform, which was in turn contrasted against the starry void beneath it, as he lay, arms and legs splayed out, staring into the starry void ahead. His eyes were bloodshot and bright pink, and tears rand steadily down from his eyes.

Suddenly, he blinked.

Just as suddenly, he swore very loudly, clamped his eyes shut and he curled up into a ball, straining to see what was left imprinted on his retina, but found only a blurry and incomprehensible version of what he’d just seen. Groaning, he relaxed into a fit of blinking and crying to let his eyes recover, and began mentally preparing for his report to the committee.

TOM called the committee to order, and once tom had finished with the schedule, TOM called tOm forward. Quietly, Tom waited while tOm blathered on about the current state of the food supply, and stared idly over the edge of the platform.

He found himself considering what would happen if he jumped.

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