Behind bars

“Well, well well, I didn’t believe it when I heard it, but seeing this for myself, it’s about time you are behind bars.”

Paul turned around, saw Marty’s ugly smirk and turned back towards the window. “I’m not here for long Marty,” Paul said.

“Oh, I’ll make sure you stay behind bars for the rest of your life. It’s whackos that you that make my job that much sweeter.”

Paul didn’t respond. He didn’t have to. He knew how small minded Marty was. Marty had been gunning for Paul since he became a private detective. Marty was notorious for making a public spectacle of his opinions, which caused more damage to himself than to Paul when Paul proved him wrong.

Marty walked towards the cell door and leaned his head in, “I’m going to make sure you fry for this Lyons. I’m going to light you up like the Griswald’s house on Christmas Vacation.”

Paul looked at Marty watching him chew on a piece of long gone flavoured mint gum, “You have to catch me first.”

Then with a flash of light and smoke, Paul was gone.

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