Dating Theory and Application

“Seriously, though, you were doing a good job. Now all you drink is soda.”

“Well, I like to take break-”

“Quick quiz! You and your date are talking. She’s telling you about her hobbies and interests, how do you respond?”

“Umn… Tell me more?”

“All right, all right, pretty good, considering I gave you nearly nothing to work with.”

“Yeah, I know, I-”

“But you certainly don’t respond with ’you’re pretty,’ right?”

“Of course not. She was just talking about something interesting. I like to learn about people.”

“Right. Good job. It helps if you can ask some pointed questions, specific things about what she likes and dislikes.”

“Right, but you didn’t give me anything to work with.”

“Yeah, I know. But still, she knows she’s pretty. She’s heard it before. She wants to talk about her hobbies now. Pointing out that she’s pretty, ESPECIALLY multiple times through out the conversation, over and over again just tell her that you don’t care about anything else about her.”

“This is autobiographical, yeah?”

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