Someone Heard, Someone Noticed

Nothing else occupied his thoughts. He had to know-had to see if she was okay, if she was alright. After hearing the endless rings followed by her voicemail for the 11th time, he threw on a dark blue hood jacket over his white teeshirt and quietly shut the door behind him so as not to wake up his younger sister. Speedily he drove over the roads, taking every shortcut he knew until he finally reached her house.

Knowing her parents weren’t home he pounded on the door, but he recieved no answer. He called out her name, but the rain drowned out his voice. He had to get in, he had to make sure she was okay. It occured to him that the door may not be locked, and he found that it wasn’t as he pushed the door open.

As soon as he stepped inside he heard a loud steady beat coming from upstairs that he hadn’t heard outside in the rain. “Brandi?” he called again but again he did not get a reply. He sprinted up the stairs.

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