Satellite Heart by Anya Marina

Reaching the top of the stairs he found her bedroom door with light shining through the bottom crack. He slowly pushed the door open. He stood in her doorway for a moment, observing her, letting the pain of what he was seeing soak in.

She was wearing an old green V-neck tee shirt with denim shorts. Her brown hair was wavy and in a messy ponytail. She layed broken on her floor, with her hands knotted in her hair, and her knees up to her stomach which was heaving as she cried. She layed infront of her blaring stereo in hopes that the music would overpower her thoughts.

His face showed all the pain and love that he felt from watching her. He took three slow steps towards her body where he got down on his knees.

“Aaron?” she whispered as her wet eyes met his.

He stroked her hair, “Oh, Brandi…” He picked up her limp body so as to let her head rest on his chest. She whispered his name again. His handsome face and blue eyes were the last things she saw before she let her eyes fall closed and slip into sleep.

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