Dracarta: City Limits

Our vehicle bumped its way out of the close woods and into open fields. Ahead squatted the dark shape that was the outer wall of Dracarta. We were almost home.

Stars were already dotting the sky above. I kept an eye out for more dragons, for not long ago another group had flown past us, toward the city. That’s when Dracarta had lit their own signal fire atop the peak of the highest tower. It shone like a green beacon in the night sky even now.

The outer wall rose up before us, blotting out our view of what lay beyond as we drove closer. Torches high above flickered on the ramparts, and we hailed the guards. Turns out the gate was already open. Ben did not hesitate, but drove straight through the tunnel, emerging into the protected farmlands.

Dracarta’s wall is wide enough for twelve men to walk abreast, and strong enough to keep enemies at bay. With the beacon lit, I wondered that the gate would be open with such a large force moving our way. Surely they knew of their approach?

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