Quitting Time

The Flaming Roosters were finishing their last set of the night when Joe
looked up and saw Angel walking toward the back. She waved and mouthed ‘bye’
as she disappeared into the crowded smoke. Joe nodded as he was filling up
another pitcher of cheap beer. The people were not there for the music, it
was two dollar pitcher night and it was the Saturday crowd.

The band started butchering another Duran Duran song as Joe mixed a screw
driver for a frat boy and his girl. Shaking his head he took the four bucks
from him.

‘Keep the change Joe,’ smirked frat boy.

Joe rang the bell with a sarcastic nod at the quarter rolling around the tip
mug. College kids were cheap, but classes were not, so he made his rent with
the job. As soon as the night was over, he would have to go talk to Angel.

Running on automatic he realized the music had stopped and looking up saw
the band packing away their stuff and Helen locking the till. Time to close
and he could go home.

‘Time to go, the show’s over,’ Joe yelled.

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