Why would a girl like you..?

“… Be in a place like this?”

Strangly enough, it wasn’t a pick up line. He did smile at me quite nicely, and he was rather cute, with those baby blue eyes and that dark hair. A bit like Superman, really.

I sipped on the martini and shook my head, extending a single finger towards my friend across the bar. She was chatting with somewhere around 15 guys, flirting and baring enough cleavage that I could tell she’d put lipstick on her nipples. They matched the rosy color she had dyed her hair.

“She told me this was a good place to meet cute, single men.” The gentleman sitting next to me gave a full, hearty laugh. I could love a laugh like that. I didn’t bring it up, though. He wasn’t interested. It’s not that I’m unattractive, though.

Not many men at the Backdoor club in the Castro are interested in women.

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