Digital Genocide

The disease spread quickly. It could kill in a day or two and going anywhere near someone infected guaranteed transmission. Hundreds were dead. Thousands more would die soon. There was no cure known. Cases were cropping up on all corners of the colony.

Scientists worked tirelessly to try to figure it out. Even after two weeks they still weren’t able to identify it; no virus like it had ever been seen. The best that they could offer would delay death by only day or two. But they would still be contagious, and they would still suffer. This was an attack of genocide.

The only hope seemed to be in finding out who created the virus and why. Normally colony security would be responsible but with such a high risk of infection and death for those investigating they needed to find an alternative solution. There was only one option left and none of them liked it. It would be the first time in 50 years that the colony on Mars would contact the Earthers. The robots needed the humans help, but would help come in time?

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