Curriculum Mortem

“You have what it takes, huh?”

“Look at my resumé, I bet you will be impressed”

“Ok, you have done some serious henchman work, The Vile Vulture, The Prankstah Gangstah… Double Dare? I thought he only employed twins!”

“I used to work with my twin brother, but we ran into Fierce Ferret "

“I’m very sorry. You won’t have to worry about that, The Boss currently has a vendetta against American Amazon and she has a very strict no-kill policy”

“Regarding benefits…”

“Look, no one gives benefits these days.”

“I was kinda hoping to break away from the cash-in-hand mold, I want to get settled and start a family”

“You are in the wrong business then.”

“I have been doing this since the death of Übermensch, I have no other job experience and no one else employs excons”

“Oh, I see. You are a tech guy, huh? We can always use you to debug the Doomsday Device’s software”

“That would be nice”

“You have to choose your cat-related nickname, If the Boss picks it you might not like it”

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