When things go terribly wrong in a relationship, often words are said or actions taken that the person later regrets.

Paula had been very upset at Greg.

It all started when he brought home the new boat. This made Paula bristle. She thought they couldn’t afford it. They couldn’t afford her a new car.

Then came the big screen TV, the motorcycle, and the new friends that thought mud on the carpet was just fine.

She tried to get away. Sitting in her bedroom was too boring, driving off to places was too expensive and Greg reminded her that she had enough shoes, purses, and clothes to clothe an army. Why didn’t she get a job?

Upset, and wanting to take the macho crew down a notch, she decided to make a place for herself that they would never dare enter. It was her house too, darn it!

She went to the hardware store, bought some paint, and painted the front porch pink!

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