Victor, your emotions are tagged as follows -

So you claim that you’re smarter than me, actually, smarter than all of us. Rationally without fault, a blameless intellectual and talented composer, complete with typical smug smile. Stupid mistake for a genius to make.
You should never piss off a superior Victor, as there are literally thousands of ways to punish genius, and I’ve got a personal favorite. Simply take women, young, pretty, women, and expose them to a common chemical solution designed to strip them of logic. 1 part Lime juice, 1 part Cranberry, 2 parts TripleSec, 2 parts Vodka. You place the subjects in a small compartment with four walls and a bed, and inform the “genius” that the cuter of the two is the love interest of a friend.
Lock the genius in the room.
It is my certain belief that in a world governed by logical, rational men, the presence of one illogical, desirable alternative with some intangible connection to a perceived affiliation is the world’s strongest defense against genius. Walk that fine line now Victor, and tread carefully.

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