The Brellabee Slug

Timmy and Gracie sat on the ground.
They sat and they sat but nothing was found.
A rock, a twig, but never a bug.
Until Timmy saw it.
A brellabee slug.

He picked it up.
Up in the air.
And dropped it on,
Gracie’s blond hair.

“AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaah!” she screamed, dancing about.
But the slimy slug didn’t fall out.

It hung,
It shook,
It started to drop,
Until Gracie and Timmy heard a loud,

They looked,
Not believing their eyes,
At the slug-bug dangling from Gracie’s hair-ties.

“What?” It asked.
“Never heard bugs before?”
They both shouted, “No!”
That was for sure.

The brellabee smiled,
Saying with grace,
“Welcome to the world,
It’s a beautiful place."

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