Death and Accountability

The tank treads rolled across the battlefield with indifference. They weren’t even looking for resistance fighters anymore. There was no reason to. They had already won.

Tim grabbed Daphne and forced her head in the direction of the window and pointed to all of the devastation.

“You see that? That’s what your plan did!” He hissed.

“Please, Tim- you’re hurting me.” She said.

“I want you to understand what your little gambit cost us. All of our leadership dead and most of our men captured or killed in a single stroke. Jesus Daph, the price of leading lies in knowing that you sometimes send good men to die, but it has to be for a reason. What was this for? What did we gain?”

Daphne’s shoulders slumped and she began to weep.

“Shut up. Just go. Go somewhere else while I try to salvage this mess.” Tim said, wearily.

She gave a wordless moan and threw herself into the next room.

A few minutes later something heavy slammed against the floor.

Tim limped in as fast as he could.

Daphne had hung herself.

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