Casualties of War

You know, in any battle between any faction, regardless of the outcome, there will always be one loser.

Innocent bystanders in gang wars, civilians in world wars, it doesn’t matter. Honest, good people are always caught in the crossfire, but few spare a moment to consider the impact. Sometimes, a family member is senselessly slaughtered for no reason other than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe it’s the right place, because they don’t have to see their family starve because there is no-one left to put food on the table. Sometimes, livelihoods are destroyed instead, like someones farm or business. It still has the same effect, the innocent just die slower, with no food and no money to support themselves.

No matter who is fighting, or what they are fighting for, the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire are always the losers.

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