Why would a Girl be in my Bed?

Don’t get me wrong, having a girl in your bed usually means a good time. Unless she has other intentions. But this morning I woke up to find the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in bed beside me.

When I got out of bed and went downstairs everything was normal. But this wasn’t the first time. Every night I go to sleep I wake up with a different girl in my bed. This started last week.

I have been to court several times. Under the pretense that I am kidnapping these women and maybe sexually assaulting them. But I don’t touch these women; or even know them for that fact! They just appear.

A scream erupts from upstairs. I sigh. It’s time to explain everything again. I get slapped in the face. And she tries to fight me. I make no agressive moves and just let her hit me. She isn’t particularily strong so it doesn’t hurt. As usual I try to explain. She doesn’t listen, she just runs outside and I can see her screaming for help.

I chuckle and whisper.

“God, you really are a comedian aren’t you?”

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