Undead Girl Of My Dreams

As I rise from the grave with a hole in my chest, I hunger for brains, now who will be next?
I watch as you walk through the lightning and rain, I’m not like other guys baby, I’ll love you for your brains.
So come with me darling and walk through hell. Once you are bit girl, all will be well.
Side by side and hand in hand as un-dead soldiers we’ll roam this whole land.
Your blood doesn’t pump and your skin has grown cold, but there’s no need to worry, we’ll never get old.
I need your love like a hole in my head, but I already have both since your love has spread.
As I stumble and listen to the living’s cold screams, I look on in passion, the un-dead girl of my dreams.
Trust me when I say this baby, know this from the start. When I grab on tight and hold you close my kiss will stop your heart.

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