“Won’t you join me?” said the cold-blooded boy, gesturing to the seat across from him. I slid in, regarding him suspiciously. We sat in silence for a moment. He slurped his drink and I studied him. A handsome face, about my age it appeared, and shaggy hair that just brushed his soft green eyes. His mouth, slightly stained with chocolate, was curled into a slight smile as he regarded me back.

“So.” I said finally. “I’m going to play the fat penguin here and break the ice, so to speak…um, why?”

He laughed, a pleasant, teasing sound, and looked down at his hot chocolate.

“I was cold,” he said. “Simply that.”

“But, it’s literally 102 outside right now. One hundred and TWO, you crazy man.”

“I’m Christian,” he said.

“Me too,” I replied, alarmed. “What does that have to do with it? Are you Jehovah’s Witness? Or Seventh-Day Adventist? Should I run away now?”

“It’s my name, stupid.” He laughed again and ducked under his hair.

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