Sipping from the Cup of Madness

“I followed the maze of secrets. Along the way I uncovered terrible events long forgotten. I was a discoverer, and an explorer. In the summer of ’46 I became a spy.” I said.

“When did you come upon the forbidden book of Alhazred?” he asked.

“You can’t even say the name, can you? I can feel your fear- oh, how it fills your veins with ice.”

He ignored me and moved on.

“You say you turned your back on your country, the country that birthed you, employed you and-”

They gave me a gun, but I took the world!” I cried.

The beady-eyed doctor turned away. Fear had gotten the better of him. Again.

“I think we’re done for today.” He called through the door.

Turning back, he quoth, “He who has nothing external that can divert him must find pleasure in his own thoughts, and must conceive himself what he is not; for who is pleased with what he is?”

It was the same quote, each time he left my cell. He was arrogant and faithless.

The unbeliever is always the first sacrifice and soon, the time would be right.

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