Final Thoughts

Take my last words for it, I would rather die than be put through this torture. Why is this happening? I never did anything wrong. We all do things wrong, don’t we? Why can this not be understood by the beast that holds the weapon of my fate in his hand so calmly? I do not know what is happening and I fear that this might be the end in the worst way possible. I may not live to see another day. I will see darkness for eternity. Why not? It has to happen sometime or else I will be stranded on this Earth until it comes to an end, whatever that may be, and why would I want that? Whatever the end of the Earth may be it must be better than the fate that I am experiencing right now.
All these thoughts passed through my mind in seconds, like a movie in fast forward, and then I felt a sharp pain unlike anything I had ever felt before. I did not know what it was and I was beginning to lose consciousness.

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