Mother To Son Part 3

It seemed that you’d just spring to your feet and run out with your basketball saying, “Gotta practice! Big match comin’ up ma!” But then I knew it. You won’t get up ever again. You’ve gone Andrew. Why? Why did you do this to me? Why did you do this to your dad?
I see him. He’s sitting in that tree tree house he built for you when you were in fourth grade. He used to be so happy singing old country songs to you. You two would go out fishing and come back late when I’d be waiting for you with your favourite pizza. How good were those days! But they’re never going to come back now. I know it. You’ve gone Andrew. You’ve left us forever. Your father is crying out there silently. I see him hugging that card you made him years ago. It said, “I love you Daddy and I’m never gonna leave you!” You lied to him Andrew. You left us. His puckered face is tear streaked. He wishes the same thing. Come back Andrew. But he knows it. You won’t return. Why did you do this to us Andrew? Why???

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