Death, Destruction, and Nice Driving

What followed was a blur of dimly lit gore. Jess drove like a mad woman, swerving and accelerating. Bollocks, it was magnificent, aside from the being in peril for our lives part. I fired off at least half the clip, but there’s no telling if I hit anything.

I hoped Jess had been busy enough driving not to notice my poor aim.

No longer a mere taste, we gulped at the freedom of the country road in deep droughts. Easing back into the seat I could feel peace and sleep threaten to overtake me. The odds of our escape tickled my mind causing a sort of morbid giggle to escape my lips.

Jess punched me hard in the shoulder, almost launching me out of the Jeep, “Put on your seatbelt. And wipe that doofy grin off your face.”

“Right, right. Sorry. Death. Destruction. Horrible, horrible stuff. Just punch drunk is all.” I tried to settle in, get things situated. Jess’ face had gone a bit grim, a determined slate against the night wind.

“S’okay,” she muttered.

“Nice driving.”

“Thanks. So, where to now?”

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