The Transformation

I never knew that detention could feel so damn good! Or maybe it was what I’d done that morning.

“Morgan! Bring your Accountancy file here!” Mr. Rogers’ scream was just as ugly as his big rectangular face.

I obeyed him as usual.

“Incomplete homework! Just what I can expect from such a worthless, defiant girl like you!” I could see his big eyes bulging out at me, “Why did you not solve all the questions? And wow! Those that you have attempted have incorrect answers too…!”

I could see the class giggling and whispering. The scene wasn’t new. Nobody – absolutely nobody – understood what Mr. Rogers taught us in class. I dunno what exactly was the reason – his robotic voice or his faster – than – light speed of speaking. He was the kind of man who would screw up a bartender only because he didn’t make him a drink he didn’t even want. But the reason for smashing the poor guy would be – What if Mr. Rogers wanted a drink? He should have made it without being asked for it. Like what the F****!!!

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