The Transformation Part 2

So that villain was insulting me as I stood still like a statue – eyes down, ears open.

“Your parents never taught you anything – did they? It was their idiocy to give birth to such an indolent menace like you…”

That did it. I’d had enough of his nonsense.

“Don’t you dare talk about my parents like that!” I glared.

“Why not? They themselves are indolent idiots who could not rear you up properly! You are a disgrace and so must be your parents for not respecting teachers…” He seemed shocked by my abrupt flash of temper.

“Respect? You? My foot!” I stood with my chest out and arms folded, “I’m not a disgrace – you are. I was a fool for tolerating you for so long. Go learn how to teach first and then cry for respect you dickhead!” I heard the class gasping as I turned to them, “And you all! You may call me arrogant or foolish. But guess what? I DON’T CARE!”

I marched out with my head held high with pride. I was happy to get detention for being myself. I was happy ’cause I could respect myself now.

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