Whether the Weather

It feels like sunshine when you smile.
The joy illuminates your face, the sunlight brightening my day.
This wond’rous feeling stays a while,
It lingers, lighting up the place, making me smile too. That’s your way.
I long to see that grin.

The weather’s rough when you’re upset.
The rain falls hard, hammering down, here’s us without an umbrella.
This one could be the worst storm yet,
Both of us drenched. Maybe we’ll drown. At least we know we’re together.
I’ll try to keep you dry.

Storms gather whene’er you’re enraged.
The lightning crashes in the sky, silhouetting ominous clouds.
The emotion can be assuaged,
The weather will be clear again, the thunder crackle less than loud.
I’ll be there ’til it stops.

You are the moon and I’m the tide.
The closer that you are to me, the more I’ll reach up towards you.
I feel the things you feel inside,
It’s all that I know how to be: I’m changed by your emotions too.
So let me share your ache.

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