fade to grey

“Shh, shush now” I said in a calming voice, “it’ll all be over soon”. Her eyes almost seemed to accept the inevitable and I could feel the remnants of her life moving through my body. She gasped one more time and was gone. I softly lay her on the floor, her lifeless body now just another object on the floor.

There is nothing quite like watching the last few breaths of your victim, the way they clutch at thin air. “Ha!” I thought, great line, shame I couldn’t share it with anybody. Still, my work here was done.

But I wasn’t taking away life, merely giving them a passage to a new one – moving them from one world to another just like I had been told to do. These people had nothing to live for, no real purpose, no desire, they were merely existing. I reinvigorated their lives and gave it fresh meaning.

I wiped the blood off my watch; it was nearly 1 am. I needed rest and plenty of it, I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up after myself, they would take care of the rest.

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