Six Months Later

“Happy 6 months,” Mischa handed Ben a small gift box. This took Ben by surprise as the 6 months anniversary was a week ago.

“But you already gave me a gift, remember?” Ben laughed.

“That was our first 6 months as a couple,” Mischa explained with excitement. “This is the 6 months after our first kiss.”

Both sat down on the couch as the rain poured down from outside. Ben opened the small box to reveal a small key. “I hope this isn’t the key to the back room at your work, because you know I was joking about that.”

Mischa laughed, “Noooo, I don’t need a key for that,” she winked.

Ben smiled, “Then what’s this for?”

“My heart,” she replied.

Ben’s face flushed. He wanted to move in with Mischa a month ago, but with both their parents wanting to take the more scenic route of their relationship Ben was hoping she wanted to take the shortcut.

Ben decided to take the off ramp, “Make that the key to your apartment, and I’ll gladly spend the rest of my days picking the lock to your heart.”

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