Superhero Convention

“So, what’s your power?”

James looked at the eager face in front of him and sighed quietly. He hated questions like this. He only came here for the free food, which was provided by the city, who relied on the heroes every time the police couldn’t handle something.

It turns out that every man, woman and child has a super power. Most of them just never knew it. But now it was all the rage to find your power so that you could wear it like some kind of goddamn badge of pride.

It was fine for the Captain Wonderfuls of the world. They were blessed with super strength, side order of rippling abs. People like James had to deal with slightly less. They also had to deal with the eager faces asking them stupid questions at these stupid conventions that they were only at for the stupid free food.

“Cats really like me.”
“Pardon me?”
“Cats will do anything for me. A whole gang of cats once leapt into me at once to push me out of the way of an oncoming car.
The man’s mouth was open.
“Most of them died.”

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