So what's the plan?

“So you need to send me into a coma!” Kyle exclaimed, almost maniacally.

“How the hell am I supposed to do that?” Jerome asked sceptically.


“You could hit me” Kyle shrugged. “Like, really hard”

“That would just knock you out. Once you think this through, then come and talk to me” Jerome replied exasperated.

“Um, excuse me?” Declan interjected meekly.

Kyle and Jerome looked at him in surprise, since both had completely forgotten he was there.

“I was in a car crash, and I got put in a coma” Declan shrugged.

Kyle looked at Jerome with a grin rapidly spreading across his face.

Jerome’s eyes widened in surprise. “No. NO! No way man, you’ll get us both killed!”

“But it’s foolproof!” Kyle smiled insanely.

“You said that about the naked singularity plan too” Jerome sighed.

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