Family Business

Nobody realizes just how loud a gunshot is indoors. Even a silenced .22 will make wake up everyone in the house next door. But people like the idea I suppose, it seems cleaner and somehow less brutal, two shots to the head and their down.

My own personal preference has always been fishing line, drill a small hole in a wooden dowel, then run the line through an wrap it around itself. Nice and light and easy to conceal, plus the heavyweight stuff won’t break if the guy decides he’s not gonna go quietly. Takes a bit more effort and you don’t get a second chance if you screw up, but when your working in an apartment complex it’s really the only way to go.

Now you go an get grandad another highball and I’ll tell you all about how to bust a guys legs, without crippling ‘em. Don’t want to take out an earner after all.

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