The Weirdos of the World

Why did these things always happen to her? Did she attract all the weirdos of the world?

Amanda drew in a long breath. She thought back to her previous three employers. They had all seemed normal enough in the beginning.

The last time it was the research scientist who decided that her research subjects were her children. She couldn’t believe how much work it was to clean up after hundreds of lab rats that were allowed to roam free in a two story townhouse.

The time before was the stockbroker’s wife who developed strange food obsessions. It had been nearly impossible to find marzipan at 4am in suburban Tulsa. And she didn’t even eat it! Just stared at it for hours before moving on to the next food.

The conductor had wanted her to alphabetize his socks. His socks!

She sighed again and speed dialed the agency. “Hello, Nancy? It’s Amanda. Could you find me…what…no, I didn’t do anything to him. I need…no, I’m not slipping them drugs. Please, I just need another job, please. Thanks. Again.”

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