I won't Participate. Not now.

“What’s new on the “Featured” section?", I ask myself when the page loads. I slide my plastic mouse around on the smooth pad, clicking on each story with laser guided optical precision.

“What’s this? This story is incredible. I’m very impressed.” These are the things I think upon reading one of the featured titles. Over there, on the right hand side, there’s a little blue phrase that indicates that this featured story is an entry into a challenge. I’ll take a look at it.

“Wow, what an inspiring challenge,” I think. My mind begins to work. Wheels and gears are spinning inside my skull, a burning smell emanates from my ears, the universe explodes and contracts as creativity blooms in the darkness of thought.

That’s when I realize that my most creative ideas are only just variations of the greatness I read earlier. I would be garnishing a perfectly cooked and seasoned steak. Decorating it with my style and bad ideas, but bringing nothing new to the table.

I can’t participate. Not now. I’ve already lost.

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