Lets see if this works better than turning the handle

Matthew Connelly and half a dozen police officers were outside the gang’s appartment hideout, guns drawn, ready to kick the door in. Matthew raised his foot, drawing back his leg, but then stopped. “I’m sure there’s a more dramatic way of opening this door.”

“What are you thinking?” asked one of the cops.

“Give me fifteen minutes.”

Inside the appartment, twelve gang members, armed and dangerous, were facing the door, tipped off that the cops were coming. They knew they had to be outside by now. One of the ones closer to the door heard something, “What was that?”

The door exploded off its hinges and felw across the room, smashing out the window taking three guys with it. Awire shot across the room and embedded into a pillar. Connelly zipped down it kicking a man out the gap whilst shooting another in the head. Two more cops rolled out, levelling their guns and taking shots at more gang members. The other four filed in to retrieve the weapons of the surrendering men. A job well done.

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