Past Memories

Sitting on my bed thinking about the way things were then, before the war had started between Kittyos and Humans. It was 2025 the month of December a cold wet day. On June 14th, 2025 I had just gotten my driver license and was coming out of my job working in a clothing shop. I had gotten home that day and received a note from a guy that goes to school with me.

I was running and made it under the bridge with the twins following me. “Hey! What is your big hurry!?” I looked at them smiling a little amused replying. “Listen clones I’m only here to meet someone, he said it would take five minutes for him to get here. And it’s not my fault you guys are slow.” I smirked watching the twins glare at me.

“NO!” Clone one said. “We aren’t slow!” Clone two finished. They ignored me going on with a game they said they invented themselves. I sat down thinking of what I needed to say to him. But then I heard something far off and then the hair on the back of neck stood up. Looking up I saw a black figure coming in fast.

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