Temporal Corsality Dupe

Meanwhile, aboard the Proxima Centaurian spacecraft:

“These humans are completely clueless that we are among them still.” The commander tells his second-in-command who nods in appreciation of his logical deduction.

“Yes, thanks to our ability to blink in and out of reality they think we left years ago.” He watches a group of humans running around in confusion on a small monitor set in front of him. “Typical, they forever seem to be lost. Luckily, we have the superior intellect.”

He looks proudly at his crew. His large, bulbous eyes getting slightly moist in his pride. “Set course for ‘Dallas’ then after that we’ll head to ‘Tokyo’. I want to fully explore this world while they are unaware.”

He looks at his monitor again. “Stupid humans.” And he sits back in his over-sized chair comfortably.

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