Waiting for Luke

Deirdre looked at her watch for what must have been the fiftieth time that night. Nine o’clock passed by, then nine fifteen and finally nine thirty… Her brow wrinkled even more with every passing minute. Luke’s train was thirty minutes late and no one else was still waiting for the nine o’clock train to come in. As the outdoor platform started to get foggier Deirdre started to get scared. She was a young woman by herself, at night and no one was around.
Just as she was contemplating going back to her car she heard the steam engine approaching and a wave of relief passed over her. The train stopped and now with the combination of the steam and fog it was nearly impossible to see. Deirdre saw the rough outline of the only passenger getting off the train and ran forward with tears of joy in her eyes, finally she and her lover would be reunited. Then the fog started to clear and the identity of the man became clear to Deirdre. Disappointed, she said “Oh, it’s you.”

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