Thank 'ee very muchly, darling

Words cannot describe how happy I am to win this challenge. Actually… I have one. Indifferent. I must be indifferent, as to place too much on the victory of the challenge would be terrible. I derive my enjoyment from the act of writing, and instead of being elated at the victory, I get joy from the implication. It implies that people enjoyed my story, and I love that.

Is that enough sincere stuff? Can I start saying some crazy stuff?

Umm… yeah, sure, why not.

Now, it was very hard for me to be here tonight. Do not order a paradox machine over the internet; the manual was in swedish. Well, anyway, I’m here tonight to create a speech good enough to win me the prize that this speech is for.

Now, I guess I should thank some people, but none helped with this. I will conform, and thank me, for being awesome, myself, for being amazing, and I, for never losing faith in me. Lastly, I thank my arrogance, because to tell the truth, I started writing my acceptance speech before I finished writing my entry.

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