Birthday, Minus the Happy

Scott peered over his Dora the Explorer birthday cake. A cake that was not only drenched with rain from freak storm, but also was not the one he wanted. Somewhere in the background a fire extinguisher went off. Scott glared over the five candles in his cake, only one of which was still lit.

“F’ing candle…” Scott muttered, still not being able to bring himself to use the full word after getting yelled at the last time.

“F’ing birthday…” he continued.

“F’ing Dora…” he said with heated contempt as a drink of water dropped from his nose. His eyes tightened on the small plastic figurine that sat atop his ruined cake.

With lightning reflexes he socked the figurine right off the top of the cake.


“I HEARD THAT SCOTT!” his mom yelled from across the yard, still trying to put out the smoldering clown.

His presents were smashed. Sparky the Clown had fallen into them after being set ablaze. The irony of it was lost on young Scott.

He blew out his candle with a sigh and wished for tomorrow.

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