Demon Bat Creatures

As the black creature moved closer the twins screamed behind me. I turned quickly to find the black creature that was coming close behind me. It had the body of a human body builder but all black epically the eyes except with white pupils and huge black bat like wings. I tried to shield the twins but I felt myself pushed forward and held against the ground sliding across it.

The black beast had its hand on my back I felt my body instinctively twist in one swift motion catching it by the monsters neck, and pull my hand up to catch its heart and crush it my hand. I kicked off the creature hearing it scream with a crow like screech before it drowned in its own blood.

Swiftly turning I saw the twins running with the other creature not far behind twin one had tripped. As twin two grabbed her hand I saw the earth come up and crush the creature. I was behind the twins as I grabbed their shoulder they turned around frighten then relaxed when they saw it was me. My eyes went soft and I nodded toward home.

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